About Us

A South African ERP With a Global Perspective

Push further and achieve more with a comprehensive management solution that works for you!

FootPound ERP is the subscription-based, all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed to accommodate your business’s unique needs. From payroll to inventory management, invoice creation to sales tracking and beyond, FootPound ERP’s module-based software allows you to select a package which meets your specifications and seamlessly integrate it within your existing business structure. It’s straightforward, adaptable, and designed with the flexibility of the cloud in mind. Interested? You haven’t heard the half of it.

From Small Beginnings Comes Something Huge

FootPound ERP is the next innovation to come from Jacob S. Makofane, the entrepreneur behind South African fintech company Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd. The idea for FootPound ERP came from a long unproductive day, in which Jacob was unable to find a single robust billing service for paying his part-time data capturer.

After countless hours he was no closer to finding a reliable solution, and so he resolved to make his own. From there FootPound ERP grew into an all-in-one enterprise resource planning solution, encompassing every facet of business management:

  1. 1. Bookkeeping
  2. 2. Financial reporting
  3. 3. Human resources
  4. 4. Inventory tracking
  5. 5. Customer relationship management
  6. 6. Sales management
  7. 7. Accounting tools
  8. 8. Employee self-service administration
  9. 9. Company documentation management

Three Bespoke Software Packages

FootPound ERP comes in three distinct packages, each designed for a different type of business:

  1. FootPound ERP Gold - Our base-level package for small-to-medium businesses looking to make a strong start and maximize early growth with a strong organisational infrastructure.
    • Ideal for businesses with a single accounting structure.
  2. FootPound ERP Platinum - Designed for businesses which have outgrown the FootPound ERP Gold Package.
    • Our deluxe package, offering the best value-for-money in terms of features and infrastructure.
    • Includes one dedicated cloud server and access to a remote product support specialist.
  3. FootPound ERP Enterprise - The premier FootPound ERP service, offering an unprecedented business with a need for the most comprehensive management support on the market.
    • Includes access to a dedicated product support specialist.
    • On-site deployment for a failproof cloud/on-site hybrid solution.
    • Single Sign-On capability that will seamlessly integrate with your current corporate network.

Cloud-Based Software

You’ve no doubt heard about software built in the cloud, but what does that actually mean for FootPound ERP? In practical terms, it means that your employees can access our robust suite of software and management solutions from anywhere in the world. All they need is access to a web browser and they'll be able to work as effortlessly as if they were sitting at their desks.

Plus, with two-factor authentication, you don’t have to worry about any off-site security breaches. Your data and activity are 100% secured with FootPound ERP.

120-Day Risk-Free Trial

Unsure whether you want to take the FootPound ERP plunge? We offer a 120-day risk-free trial! If you decide at any point within your business’s first 120 days with FootPound ERP that it isn’t right for you, simply contact us and we’ll refund any money spent.

FootPound ERP Learning

With FootPound ERP Learning’s library of video tutorials and how-to articles, your employees will learn how to make the most of FootPound ERP’s deep tools and solutions. In doing so, they’ll increase their own productivity and learn to work smarter.

Each FootPound ERP module—Human Resources; Sales & Accounting; CRM & Inventory; and FootPound ERP EDocx—comes with a selection of in-depth tutorials. While they are accessible for first-time users, they include tips and advice which even employees experienced with FootPound ERP will find valuable.

FootPound ERP EDocx

Crafting a consistent, professional identity is crucial for any organisation. With FootPound ERP EDocx, you can design and reproduce brand-consistent letters, reports, payslips, and invoices with ease. With universal access for your entire workforce, you can ensure that all of your clients receive the same high quality of documentation.